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FJ62 Carling Switch Panel

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FJ62 Ash Tray Switch Panel

This panel replaces your ash tray with slots for 4 Carling switches, Giving you a clean option for installing aftermarket accessories. This panel sits flush with your Dash for a cleaner look. This is a bolt on accessory that requires no modification to install. *Does not come painted*


To install this bezel simply remove the ash tray and its metal slide, then install your new insert. No modification of your dash is required. Product comes with two longer screws for installation.

Whats Included

x1 3D printed Panel
x2 Screws


You can choose between a painted and plain finish. The painted finish comes in a cleaner more visually appealing smooth satin black.

Material Properties

Made from ASA, a plastic that is ~10x more UV resistant than ABS these clips will hold up against the harshest of environments.


We guarantee this product will work as advertised or we'll send a free replacement. If this product ever breaks under regular use we will replace it free of charge.

This product does not come with Carling switches.