Custom Part Request

If you dont see what you need in our store we can probably help you out. We've made numerous one-off pieces for our customers before and we're now offering it as an official service! This service is available for individual customers or company's and is good for one off products or small scale production.

We can either completely design the product for you or go off of your designs or a manufacturer design to better incorporate off the shelf parts with your vehicle. Please note that the prices listed below are only to be considered as references and are subject to change.

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  • What we need from you

    We can only create your product with the exact provided dimensions you give us, so in order to sufficiently serve you we need very precise measurements. In some cases we might recommend you mail in the part(s) you want customization's made on to us so we can verify fitment before we ship off your order.

  • Choosing the correct pricing sheet

    Depending on what your needs are you may need to choose different pricing sheets, Every variant is based off of different things like the time it takes to design, production, dimension verification, and shipping. Pricing is subject to change in special complex cases. Please read the description of each pricing sheet carefully, There will be more instructions inside each pricing sheet.

  • What we can offer

    3D Prints up to 450x450x450mm. (3D printing precision +/- 0.02cm or +/- 0.008") All 3D prints are made from ASA which is ~10x More UV resistant than ABS and can withstand engine bay temperatures.

    Custom cut sheet-metal, Plastic, MDF parts up to 46"x36". Contact us here for a larger selection on avalible materials. (Cutting accuracy +/- 0.005" (0.120mm)

    LIMITED Painting

    Right now we can offer interior painting for refurbishing dash components of the Beige FJ60 Color Scheme.

  • Payments

    All payments for custom orders should be made to through PayPal.

    Be sure to email us via the contact form at the bottom of this page before you submit any payments.

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    Custom Changes to pre-existing products

    This pricing sheet is if you see something already in our store that would suit your needs but you need a different face layout. For example, maybe you want an LCD screen in place of slots for switches, we can customize a special layout just for you.

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    Full Custom

    If you dont see what you need in our store at all and need a completely new product then this is where you would go. Most sheet-metal or other laser cutting requests would go through here.

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In the contact form below please mention that this is a custom request and what your request is in as much detail as you can.

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