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FJ60 Ash Tray Rocker Switch Panel

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FJ60 Ash tray Inserts

This is a simple snap in plate that requires no additional hardware to install. Easily add switches to your FJ60 without cutting into your dash

How it works

Using a hook and compression tab this panel wont vibrate or move once installed in your FJ60 dash. More information on installation can be found here.

Versions Available

Please read carefully before selecting which panel you purchase.

The Carling switch versions are good for most aftermarket switches like what comes with the ARB compressors, etc.

The Toyota Switch versions are for fitting the Taller FJ62 style switches.

The FJ60 Switch version is for fitting the smaller FJ60 style switches, like the switches that come with your FJ60.

Comes with a 3D printed finish

How they're made

Each unit is made from a quality strong high temperature plastic which was specifically designed to operate in the harshest of environments.


We guarantee this product will work as advertised or we'll send a free replacement. If this product ever breaks under regular use we will replace it free of charge.


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