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Cruiser Head

FJ60 USB Charger [Defects]

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Defects are subject to our return policy.

Defects include cosmetic, possible face separation, and having a loose fit. These units where test pieces during development and may not hold up as well as the main line units found HERE.

All units are sold AS IS. The charging mechanism is tested and is known to be in working condition at time of shipment. The pictures on this listing do not accurately represent your discounted item being purchased.

USB Car Charger

This USB Charger insert fits into your stock FJ-HJ-BJ 60 series style dash bezel with no required modification whatsoever. These will replace the blanks you have in your Dash Bezel.

*Will NOT fit the FJ62. FJ62 Version coming soon!

Ready to go!

These new FJ60 USB chargers are made from injection molded housings with a color matched face to match the other switches in your FJ60. Now you can charge your devices without compromising the sleek style of your Classic Toyota Land Cruiser. weather its a work in progress or a SEMA build this is a must have modern accessory for the FJ60.

Factory Fit

This USB charger is designed to fit into the factory switch slots of the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. Works with 12V and 24V vehicles.

 Made to fit this type of bezel specifically
FJ60 Bezel for USB Charger


We guarantee the quality of parts manufactured by us. If the USB housing or wire harness is defective you are eligible for a replacement after your defective unit has been sent back to us. We do not offer a warranty and assume no responsibility with the USB charger electronic PCB/circuit board or how it interacts with your devices and or vehicle. It is the installer and the vehicle operators responsibility to ensure the device is working properly and has been installed properly.