USB Charger

USB Charger

No longer available for purchase.

This USB charger was designed to match the original aesthetic of the FJ60's Interior.

To design this piece the use of multiple materials was essential, the Outer shell is produced with an extremely high quality resin and is then painted black to match the rest of the interior of your truck. The locking tabs which secure the USB charger to your dash panel are made from a more flexible and reliable ASA plastic material.

The plug and play variant adds an extreme convenience compared to other generic USB chargers. Using the same electrical plugs as in your FJ60's wire harness the USB charger requires absolutely no wire splicing whatsoever. In tieing into your vehicles wire harness, this unit will power on with your key and has a backlight that turns on with your headlights. All you need to install this unit is a Phillips screw driver to remove the AC control panel.

Assembly line up of electrical components. The wires match the color coding of the FJ60 to minimize confusion for future owners.

Assembly line up of wire harness's

The backlight works with your headlights and dims with the rest of your interior lights

Backlight USB

Wire harness's made and ready for final assembly

Wire Harness's