FJ60 Dash Bezel

FJ60 Dash Bezel

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The FJ60 Dash bezel was a tough one to make. Even though it may look flat, its not. There's a slight curve that flows downward from the top that must be followed. Each switch slot must accommodate the original switches.

I had to make the ash tray mountable from behind like the original, and many more small details. Using only a straight edge, caliper, and contour gauge I managed to make a near identical version of the FJ60 Dash. After painting has been done its virtually unrecognizable as a reproduction.

I offer versions for both LHD and RHD vehicles and can modify the bezel layout to accommodate most any request.


Unpainted Dash with hardware installed

Rendering of dash for versions with clock.


Version that allows for switches in place of the ash tray.