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FJ62 USB Charger

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FJ60 USB Charger can be found HERE

USB Car Charger

This USB Charger insert fits into your stock dash with no required modification whatsoever. These will replace the blanks you have in your Dash Bezel


The USB is designed to work with everything from 9V - 24V, Meaning this will work with gasoline models running on 12V systems and Diesel models running 24V.

These will fit other Toyota Vehicles, you can check for your compatibility HERE


x2 15W 5V 3A USB Charger ports in each insert.

Over-current protection, thermal protection, short-circuit protection are built in to the USB Chargers to protect your device.

Plug and Play VS Wire it yourself Versions.

The plug and play kit requires only a Phillips screw driver to install, It simply plugs in series with your cigarette lighter and works with your key.

The Wire it yourself version comes with bare wires and must be wired, soldered, tied into your vehicles electrical system manually, No Connectors to the stock harness are included whatsoever.

We guarantee the quality of parts manufactured by us. If the USB housing or wire harness is defective you are eligible for a replacement after your defective unit has been sent back to us. We do not offer a warranty and assume no responsibility with the USB charger electronic PCB/circuit board or how it interacts with your devices and or vehicle. It is the installer and the vehicle operators responsibility to ensure the device is working properly and has been installed properly.