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Cruiser Head

FJ60 Phone Mount Bracket

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**Please Note**

This item is on sale because in some configurations there can be excessive vibration of the phone while driving. I find that leaning the phone against the instrument cowl helps prevent vibrations but results may vary. Do not use if distracting, The driver is responsible for their driving when using this product. we [the seller] assume no responsibility for use of this product.


RAM mount accessories must be purchased elsewhere due to large variety of options.

Made of 304 Stainless Steel.

This is a standalone bracket that comes with just the bent metal bracket and two small foam strips for vibration dampening. Because of RAM Mounts huge selection of custom hardware all other pieces must be bought separately.

This will still fit if you have an installed dash-top cover.

The ball mount that this product requires is the "RAM Mounts Tough-Ball with 1/4"-20 x .25" Threaded Stud RAP-B-379U-252025 with B Size 1" Ball" ONLY this ball mount from RAM will fit this product, this metal bracket is pre-tapped for this thread size. If you require something custom please send me a message.

This bracket is designed to fit seamlessly to the left of your FJ60 Gauge cluster to mount navigation type devices. This bracket requires no permanent modification to your dash-top and allows for a mounting solution that suction cup mounts simply cannot provide in this given location. There are two more studs under the FJ60 Dash on the passenger side that this bracket will fit to.