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FJ60-62 Plug & Play Trailer Wire Harness [Back Order]

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​Heavy Duty Towing Harness


Each harness will include the following.
  • Soldered and water tight wire joints anywhere a wire is exposed outdoors.
  • Connectors to provide a total plug and play install
  • Braided wire loom for easy and clean installation
  • CURT Powered 3-to-2-Wire Splice-in Tail light Converter
  • CURT Dual-Output 4-Way Flat Vehicle-Side to 7-Way Trailer Adapter
  • 10A Water Tight Fuse at the battery
  • Pre-Routed wire path​
  • Pre-fed Trailer brake wire to driver compartment​ for easier expandability
  • Pre-fed positive AND negative wires to the battery​
  • Water-proof outdoor connectors​
  • High Temperature 12 Gauge GXL Wire harness

In using a CURT Powered Tail Light Converter your turn signals and brakes wont dim when you hook up trailer lights. Instead the CURT 3-to-2 converter only reads the signal from your taillights and uses your Battery to directly power the trailer lights, effectively separating your OEM wire harness from the trailer wire harness.

This kit is a plug and play ready for basic towing.

You are responsible for knowing the limitations of your vehicle and practicing them accordingly.

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