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Fj60 Dash Pocket / Cubby Panel

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FJ60 Dash Pocket Switch Panel

This piece requires no modification to your FJ60. Simply remove the old Dash Pocket and install the new frame. Once your dash bezel is re-installed you can easily remove the face plate with the 4 Exposed screws to modify/add switches and wiring without the hassle or risk of cracking your bezel each time you want to make a new addition to your FJ60.

Versions Available

The Screened version comes with a very thin layer of plastic which can be punched out as needed, Allowing you to conceal the space behind your dash. If you plan on using all the switches then consider getting the plain Carling version.

The new aluminum faces are perfect for the perfectionists out there where style and functionality are tied for first place. ALUMINUM FACE IS ON PRE-ORDER

How its made

We only use the most premium materials for all our products. This bracket is made from ASA, A strong plastic that is ~10x more UV resistant than ABS. *Does not come painted*

What comes in the box

x4 Face Mounting Screws

x1 Frame Extension Screw
x1 Frame
x1 Face plate of your Choosing
x4 Preinstalled nylon nuts


We guarantee this product will work as advertised or we'll send a free replacement. If this product ever breaks under regular use we will replace it free of charge.

*Switches Not Included.

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