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70's Switch Insert

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70 Series Diff lock relocation

Tired of reaching down to engage your 4WD? Our Switch insert allows for you to easily reach over and engage your 4WD without taking your eyes off the road to dig down and find the switch.

How we make it

Each switch insert is made from ASA, a material derived from ABS except its ~10x more UV resistant than ABS and can withstand higher temperatures than ABS. We only use the most top quality materials for all our products and this here is no exception. *Does not come painted*

Why use our product?

This insert eliminates the need to cut out one of your OEM blanks and possibly permanently destroying it in the process. With this insert you have complete control of the layout of your Land Cruiser's controls without ever having to commit to a singular configuration, If you ever choose to you can always go back to the original layout and not have to worry about sourcing new parts to do so.


We guarantee this product will work as advertised or we'll send a free replacement. If this product ever breaks under regular use we will replace it free of charge.